Jamaican Serena Williams look alike to be featured on Wendy Williams' show this Summer

July 18, 2016

Serena Williams is living in York Town, Clarendon!

Well not exactly, but this Clarendon native is one that a lot of people are mistaking for her though.

People have been telling 25-year-old Santana Sinclair,  for some time now that she looks just like the American tennis star, but she often smiled.

Perhaps she dismissed the thought because her friends told her they were too used to her to see the strong resemblance everyone else sees. But that was only until she started to travel.

“I was at the Pearson International airport in Canada, when I saw a couple running up to me out of breath,” she related.

"The husband told me I looked like Serena and if I was her. I told him 'no'. His wife was looking at me and telling me that I could have passed for her.

Sinclair said on other visits she has had people coming up to her asking for her autograph.

It was this kind of reaction that saw her submitting her photo in on the Shaderoom, a top American entertainment site and there she received 25,000 likes.

The photos were also sent to the Wendy Williams show to be presented in a ‘Celebrity Look-alike on the TV show which will be aired sometime in the summer.

Sinclair who is a big fan of the super talented tennis champion said it’s a pretty good feeling to be told that she looks like Serena.

“(Serena is) a beautiful soul who is the goddess of tennis and has impacted the world greatly with her hard work, perseverance, determination and humanitarianism.”

For Sinclair, a dream come true for her would be in meeting the tennis star.

“She has inspired me greatly to spread love and positivity wherever I go. And I too am a go getter as I feed from her energy. It would be a dream come true to meet Serena, my long lost twin.”


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