Maggi luck strikes twice


August 10, 2016
There is a Nestle quiz taking place and they all seem to have the answers.
Is he serenading her? Well so it seems. Hosts Barry G of MELLO FM during last Friday's outside broadcast is appealing to nutrition adviser Nordett Morrison.
Contributed Maggi fortune combo winner Patress McDonad and chef Jahnoy Bryan.

The soft spoken Patress McDonald exploded with excitement, screaming and jumping after she found out that she was the winner of the Maggi Fortune Combo.

McDonald won a four-burner gas stove, a large igloo, and a pressure cooker as the Maggi Mobile Road Show and Fortune Wheel Promotion stopped at In-Town Supermarket, Junction, St Elizabeth, last Friday.

Her life's story, how she gets by, is an interesting one. It's about the resilience of the average Jamaican woman - and the role as head of the household that she has to play.

McDonald sells mostly Maggi products from her small trolley she walks around with in Comma Pen, St. Elizabeth. In that trolley is a range of Maggi soups, seasonings, and coconut milk powder. She also farms a small plot of land on which she lives, planting scallion and thyme, and she raises chickens too.


She had entered Maggi promotions before and once won a microwave oven, but never believed - "not even for a moment" she says, - that she would again have good fortune.

"People get lucky once," McDonald said. "They hardly ever do a second time."

Well, so she thought, and she was hardly thinking about being lucky in this Maggi promotion.

How wrong she was. How dumbfounded she still is. With a broad grin on her face, with everything now soaking in, she said proudly, "I am pleased, this is a good promotion. This is a great prize."

Other highlights of the day were the nutrition talks and keep-fit tips by nutrition adviser Nordett Morrision, and the recipe demonstrations and sampling of Maggi soup, vegetable rice, coconut cabbage, and spicy bean stew by chefs Jenovia Woodhouse and Jahnoy Bryan.

The Maggi Mobile Road Show and Fortune Wheel Promotion move to Paradise Supermarket, Sav-la- mar, Westmoreland, this Saturday; with MELLO FM providing outside broadcast. The show will be hosted by Ron Muchette.

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