My Confession: My granny beat me for being a 'lesbian'


August 12, 2016

STAR, when I was 15 years old, I was living with my one-eyed granny, and she was very strict. She didn't want me to have any boyfriends, but I wanted one because all of my friends had.

One day, a guy finally came my way and I wasn't about to make the opportunity miss me because him did cute. We text pon the phone regular and then him finally ask me fi visit him.

But I was a house rat, so I had to make up a lie to tell my granny. I told her that I was going to look for my uncle in Spanish Town, but, in reality, mi go down a country go look fi di boy.

We had a jolly time kissing up pon neck and nuff things. I didn't even know that I got hickey on my neck until me reach back home and me faas cousin point it out, saying I must use hot water and comb it out before mi granny see it.

I told her to leave me alone because I want to keep it to remember the good time I had with my man. The next day, I was washing at the pipe and granny see the hickey on my neck with her one eye. She ask a who do it.

Me mek up a lie quick and say it happened when me and my cousin were playing under the ackee tree. She call me cousin and start give the two a we some lick with a broom stick. Fi the whole day me couldn't walk.

Then mi granny call mi cousin father and start cuss loud say, "Dem a kiss kiss up one another pan neck. Dem too force ripe. A di show dem pan TV mek dem a gwaan like dem a big woman."

After that, me cousin father come at the house and give me cousin some lick outta piece of wire. Mi run lef har because me couldn't tek no more. From that day, me see boys and wish dem well.

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