Lucky Maggi customer wins stove


August 17, 2016
Contributed Jassette Pryce was the lucky winner of the main prize.
Contributed Many persons were busy submitting entries in the Maggi Wheel of Fortune.
Contributed This woman was very focused while spinning the wheel.
Contributed This woman was very focused while spinning the wheel.

Persuaded by the Maggi promoter to 'try her luck', Jassette Pryce eventually decided to enter the Maggi Mobile Roadshow and Fortune Wheel Promotion that was held at Paradise Supermarket on Savanna-la-mar in Westmoreland.

However, after buying the required six Maggi products to enter, Pryce did not get the pot, blender or shopping bag she wanted. Instead, what she got was a free entry to the main draw.

And although the promoters tried to tell her that she could win a four-burner gas stove, a large igloo or a pressure cooker by winning the free entry, Pryce was not interested.

"Mi never a tarry," she said. "Mi show get flop."

At home at Burnt Savannah, Westmoreland, she was still upset. The rains came, but that did not cool her.

She busied herself, however, with her pot of chicken foot soup with Maggi chicken noodles, as the Maggi promotion was now behind her.

Later that evening, her daughter came racing from the house with the phone. And on answering, Pryce, who was fussing herself all day, was suddenly speechless.

"I have never won anything like this in my life - prizes that are really for the home - stove, igloo, pressure cooker. They were thinking about me. Will never curse my luck again," she said.

The promotion makes its final stop on August 27 at Max Value Supermarket in Santa Cruz, St Elizabeth.

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