My Confession: My friend's son is actually my child


August 26, 2016

STAR, back inna the days I was a real 'gyallis'.

Mi nah lie, mi used to enjoy it, especially inna me college days. But right now, it a haunt me.

Right now, me settle down with a nice girl wah mi really rate and me can see that she rate me, too. We even a talk 'bout having a child together soon, but she nuh know that I already have another kid out there.

Back inna college, me used to mess around with me bredrin girl. Every time dem have problems, like if she find out him cheat, she would come to me and we would mess around.

Two twos, she tell me she pregnant and me start big up me bredrin pon him first youth. But then the girl start tell mi say based on how she check it out, a my pickney.

The two a we agree say no matter what, she would give it to me bredrin because him can mine it better than me.

When the baby born, a the dead stamp of me. But because me and the mother brown, my bredrin think the pickney tek after him mother.

Every time mi see the pickney, mi heart leap because him have me flat forehead and pointed nose like everybody in me family. Mi neva do a DNA test, but mi no need it fi tell me say a mine.

Right now, me jus haffi leave the situation as it is because too many people woulda get hurt. It woulda kill me bredrin fi know say him a mine the pickney 10 years now and is not fi him. It woulda kill mi woman fi find out about this. It woulda mash up the youth fi know say him godfather a really him biological father. Mi just haffi make it stay as it is.

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