Preparing for Hurricane Matthew


October 03, 2016
Jermaine Barnaby/Freelance Photographer Scores of persons in a supermarket on Saturday as they prepare for Hurricane Matthew.

My people, my people, is how unuh doing during this stormy period?

Bwoy, what a way Hurricane Matthew did have unuh a run up and dung like chicken without head over the weekend? LOL! Every corner I turn over the weekend it was busy and crowded. Won't even talk about the traffic.

As early as the stores were opened the roads were packed; Just like it was a school morning! Who nah look tarpaulin, a look zinc or ply or nail, nuff water or just something for the big date with the hurricane! While others scurried about, some were totally oblivious as they carried on with their regular activities.

A hardware on Red Hills Road, St Andrew, was packed like sugar cane on a truck! It was literally crammed and it got really hot and musky as it started raining. The service was rather slow as the cashiers seemed confused by everyone shouting their orders at them.

One woman at front cried, "Lawd God, dis feel like me a buy food!" Her voice sounded so faint as she tried to order, "You can sell me two tarpaulin, please?!"

The servers past her go and come. People from behind got serve and the woman was still there being crushed for another five minutes before she got served. People like all she must go places where she can pick up har goods.

Talking about goods, some places were out of many goods from as early as the morning started. Apparently, the early-bird shoppers weren't taking any check from Mr Matthew! The parking lots at a few were filled and inside was buzzing with customers trying to prepare for the hurricane!

Meanwhile, in Half-Way Tree, St Andrew, it was business as usual for many who seemed unconcerned about the impending disaster! Shoppers were out but just seemed to be going about their regular business or offering their business. "Doing yuh eyebrow or lash, Miss?! Nuh storm nah come enuh, so come fix up yuhself!" a woman said to me as I passed a beauty shop. LMAO!

At Hillview Avenue, people gathered and sat for lunch. They laughed and chatted like everything was normal as they enjoyed the sunny weather. I just went for a car wash, LOL! I mean, after the storm there's a calm, can't drive around in no dutty car! Unuh tek care!

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