FASS & CURIOUS: Learning how to be a better parent


November 07, 2016
A father playing with his two children.

Hey, my peeps, what's popping? How many of you knew that November is Parent Month?

Well, I never knew there was such a thing until now that I have a kid going to school. It's not such a bad thing, huh!? There is Child's Month in May, so parents need some recognition and appreciation too.

I went to a seminar on Friday at the Canewood Centre on Arnold Road in Kingston, and man, it was a day of fun, where parents got to be kids again. The morning started slow. It was said to be a 9 a.m. event, but it never started till about 10.30. Parents didn't seem to mind much as they used the time to chat and take pics. All was well until I decided I was gonna take a pic too. But because me so extra, me and the decorated boxes went crashing.

I was so frightened, my poor heart was beating out my chest. Some parents came to my rescue, trying to convince me that accidents happen and these things happened. Me almost shame. It a good thing Mama did chop dung me shame tree from way back when, so me never feel all that bad. I just laughed it off and go siddung.

The day was made up of devotion, learning fun action songs and various activities. We were placed in three different groups. Red was the victorious team and me nuh haffi tell yuh that was my team, of course! And you should know that red is my favourite colour too. Red hot!

The Yellow and Blue teams battled for second and last.

We were given a foam cup with plate and pencil shavings to use and make an item. Red Team presented a baby girl called Roja, Yellow Team made a flower pot, and Blue Team made a windmill. No bias, Red Team took it!

Everyone was crazy over our big-headed foam doll with her curly hair, flower headband and shoes. She sported a red skirt and black top and even wore a big bow round her waist. She had a paparazzi moment. It was cute. The day, however, was not just fun. It was a learning opportunity for parents. I am glad to share the following with you: 'The sign of great parenting is not the behaviour of the child but the behaviour of the parent.'

See yah!

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