Fass & Curious: Security guards should know customer service


November 14, 2016

Pleasant howdy, my friends! Hope all is well.

We all know that some business places you enter have a baggage section where you leave your bags until you are done shopping - not because they feel sorry for you, but because dem nuh want nobody teef out dem tings.

Everyone knows you carry your personal effect bag with you. Right or wrong?! So, if you enter a business place such as York Pharmacy, and the security guard feels that you must not receive service because you refuse to leave your bag with your personal belongings, what do you do? Do leave or do you fight!? Hello, I don't mean fight with your fist.

This is my story! The other day I went there. I was going to the Money Gram section, but I was in a hurry and I was not sure of the closing time. As I passed the door, I heard the security guard say, "leave your bag!" I honestly almost didn't turn around because it wasn't the first time I had gone in there with my backpack. He repeated to get my attention. So, I turned around and said, "I'm not leaving my bag because it's carrying my personal belongings. If you wish to search it when I'm leaving that's fine!" With that said I ran up the stairs.

Mi seh people, by the time I reached the Money Gram counter to fill a paper out, is the security guard that run come up to the teller and told her not to assist me until I left my bag at the baggage counter.

I wasn't sure what he said at that time, because I wasn't paying him any mind, it was while speaking with the teller I really realised what was said.

I asked her for a supervisor and she told me to ask at the front. At this moment, mi nah lie, I was mad because he must be new or dumb! I was gonna let management have it.

Upon seeing the supervisor, I began to ask her a few questions. I said, "Let me ask you a question, why should I leave my bag with my personal belongings at the door when I'm to do business? Worse to pick up money! I don't know what kind hog, dog or goat in here that gonna be waiting to pounce on me and rob me."

I started emptying my bag.

"Your telling me that I should leave my bag with my phone, tablet, money, cards, etc.? Please explain!"

Baffled, she said, "Miss, it's just policy!"

I lashed back, "Policy my foot! Here is policy - there is diplomacy and customer service. Your security gonna run me down to tell the teller not to serve me, why!? I told him if he needs to search me on leaving, I don't care. Do I look like I come here to steal something? You people are ridiculous!"

All she could do was shake her head, and say, "Miss, gwaan with your bag! Just gwaan!" I asked her what her name was and left. Outta order eeh! Unuh walk good.

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