My Confession: I found out my man was engaged on Facebook


November 18, 2016

STAR, back in high school, I was crazy over a guy who was living near my community.

At the time, I heard he had a girlfriend he was madly in love with, so mi try take me mind off him. Until one of my 'nuff' friends go tell the boy that me like him.

The following week I was standing in the town, and he came to me and told me he liked me. I asked him what happen to him girlfriend, and he told me they broke up because she move gone a foreign.

I was so happy, mi turn real fool. I quickly gave him my number and things moved fast. Before long, I was visiting his house regularly and talking to his family members. So, mi think me a wife.

Those days, Facebook was new and mi friend tell mi that my man on it, so, of course, me join it.

When I was signing up, it asked for relationship status. Without hesitation, I put my man's name. Then mi get curious and start wonder what him have for his status.

STAR, his relationship status said engaged to his ex-girlfriend. And a pure pictures of the two a dem a hug up and kiss. Fi days me bawl and couldn't eat. Then when me confront him about it, him say they're still together, but me and him can still work something out. Mi just work it out fi him and lef him.

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