Celebrating Jamaican Men


November 22, 2016
File In this 2009 Gleaner photograph, Jerrmane Williams makes his way along Princess Street, Kingston, with his napping two-year-old daughter Shanoya.

On November 19, we celebrated International Men's Day, and all over the world, there were different activities and tributes designed to recognise the male gender.

Of course, the various posts on social media were present and a few men seemed to be into recognising the day, while others didn't even see the significance. With the rise of the 'independent woman', it seems that the importance of the man has been reduced, but I believe that it's the opposite.

Many strides towards equality that women have achieved have been with the support of some men, but we still have a way to go. So today, I want to talk about men - the men who are still stepping up and making a difference not only in their families, but in society, overall.

I know I spend a lot of time talking about the challenges I have with Jamaican men, but I will switch it up and talk about what I like about them. Yes, even I can recognise that there are still good men around and we should do more to appreciate them.

These are the Jamaican men that I think we should definitely big up:

Active fathers

Believe it or not, there are Jamaican fathers who are rocks in their children's lives. They do everything to make sure their children are provided for, loved, and supported. These men take pride in the happiness of their children and will not accept anything less.

Kudos to the men who are not satisfied just contributing the DNA to their children's existence, but also play an active role in their lives.

n Loyal

We hear a lot about the roaming, cheating ways of the Jamaican man, but we don't talk enough about the ones who are faithful and committed. Yes, they do exist. Once he commits to his partner, he's there for life - he's the rock to depend on. Big up the men who are fully committed to their relationships and the happiness of their partners.

n Supportive partners

Women are usually expected to make the sacrifice to support the men in their lives, but there are also men who do everything they can to support their partner's dreams as well. Kudos to the men taking care of the children at home while their partners aim for the clouds and achieve excellence.

Jamaica has many strong, educated, powerful women that are able to do their jobs without worrying about the family not being taking care of because of the supportive men in their lives.

Passionate creators

Jamaicans are some of the most ambitious and creative people in the world. We definitely know how to "tek wi han' mek fashion". Jamaican men are clear examples of that. From our music, art, innovation, and even business exploits, the passion and creativity are very evident.

Jamaican men are funny, confident, braggadocios, and a real force to be reckoned with, so don't take them for granted. In the words of my fellow columnist and good friend Blakka Ellis, "Jamaicans good bad and wi bad good." This statement is especially true for Jamaican men - when they decide to be good or bad, they really commit.

Jamaican men typically don't like to talk about being in love because of how passionate they are, and when they actually fall in love, they fall hard. Once they commit, they can be very loyal and you will definitely have solid "backative" in your corner.

So appreciate him. Show him you love him. Indulge him with the things he loves because even though the negative side of the Jamaican man is mostly being discussed, when you experience the great side of him, it's worth holding on to. And to all Jamaican men, big up yuh shegging self!

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