Once Church, three offerings ... Talk about real business


November 28, 2016

It was Sunday and I was in church. The last few times I remember going to church was because of funerals.

Don't judge me now, because some of you only go one, two or maybe three times for the year and that's Christmas, New Year's Eve, and maybe Easter.

This Parent Month thing has had me quite busy, from seminars to meetings and now church. The Early Childhood Commission has pulled out all the stops this year, ensuring they enforce the theme: 'Be an exceptional parent, staying connected!'

I must say, it doesn't matter how much you think you know as a parent, there is always something to learn. The most important thing I learned at church is that you have to be spiritually connected to have a better connection with your child. I find it true, yet amusing, because mi nuh know how dem say pickney nuffi get lick and more while, if it's not for the grace of God, yuh lick dem from 7 a.m. back to 7 p.m.


Church was off to a good start. They welcomed the new visitors and paid more attention to the parents since the service was for us. They had cake for the people who celebrated birthdays in August. It made me wonder if they only celebrated twice a year, because it is now November.

The choir was harmonious with only eight members, but their voices came together like 20 people.

For the most part, I really tried to focus on the essence of why I was in church and tried not to be distracted. But they lost me when the offering was being collected.

There were three offering plates, and not because there were a lot of people. One box was for offering and tithes, one for church building fund and the other was for a 'special offering'.

Talk about real business!

Until next time, peeps, walk good!


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