Real Talk: Macka Diamond opens up about Christianity, career


November 29, 2016
Macka Diamond
Macka Diamond

This week, we bring Part Two of our Real Talk interview with Macka Diamond, as she speaks about her plans for the Christmas season and her upcoming tours.

STAR: Persons always say you should dress and act more appropriately because you have a son, what do you have to say to these persons?

Macka Diamond: He's a boy, so that's the good thing. If I had a daughter, it wouldn't make any difference. Life is changing now. I reason with my son. Back in the days, my parents never used to do that. If I had a daughter, I would encourage her to take her birth control because these situations happen. When BeyoncE dem a do it, nobody nah complain. But if me do it, dem try beat it dung.

STAR: Are you in a relationship:?

Macka Diamond: Yes, I am in a relationship. I don't bring my relationship to the public because I like my privacy.

STAR: What are you releasing for the Christmas season?

Macka Diamond: I have a brand new song on the 'Fornication' rhythm, called 25 inches. The song already a get forward inna parties. Plus, I did a dubplate a few years ago for a French man and he remixed the dubplate on a rhythm, and right now it a mash up the world. So, come next year, Ill be heading out to the French-speaking islands for shows. Plus, I'll be dropping the video for that soon. Plus, I'm gonna be going to France for a tour.

STAR: Is Macka still in demand as far as bookings are concerned?

Macka Diamond: Yes, definitely. I'm getting a lot of calls from the US, but I'm doing things differently. What I am doing is that I hold off on doing every show until my songs that I am promoting are at a certain level. I am not a person to be running around. There are big things in the making. So, not because you nuh see me at some parties ... some of these are not real shows. A just some parties and these artistes are special guests. For next year, I'll be doing more shows in the US.

STAR: When will you retire from the dancehall scene?

Macka Diamond: When God takes my life

STAR: Do you think female dancehall artistes sing about sex too much?

Macka Diamond: I wouldn't say that. People like Etana and Alaine sing different types of music. If you wanna hear sumting different there is Etana, Queen Ifrica, Marcia Griffiths, and so many other females.

STAR: Does Macka have what it takes to win a Grammy?

Macka Diamond: Definitely. I have what it takes. Music nuh have no border.

STAR: Any plans to turn to Christianity soon?

Macka Diamond: I'm always a Christian. I always get up and praise God. I am one of the most Godly persons. January coming look out for my gospel song. Once God spare my life, mi a go do sumting fi God. He has given me long life, and me look good for me age. I've been reading my Bible. God gave me my talent, so me haffi praise him.

STAR: What is your wish for dancehall?

Macka Diamond: I wish dancehall woulda stop studying the hype and who fi a run it. Just do good music and make it go out there. Just want the real dancehall come back.

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