My Confession: I am sleeping with my best friend's wife


October 26, 2018

STAR, me a sleep with mi best friend wife, and nuh matter how mi try to stop, I can't.

Let me tell unuh how it start. Me and my wife did a have problem, and mi always admire how mi brethren and his wife live. Me spend a lot time a dem yard because my yard miserable bad. Him wife always offer me comfort, and me wish daily say a she mi did deh wid. Mi start wonder if a because mi fren know say my marriage unhappy why him always boast bout him life so.

One day him leave we gone a work, and me and her alone deh home, and we start talk bout a lot a things, and the topic of oral sex come up. She tell me say although she always a please him, it was a one-way ting. Mi frighten bad because me couldn't believe say man deh a road who nah go all out to please dem woman. Me suggest that I would do it for her, and naturally she say no cause that would be cheating.

She finally give in some weeks later cause me never stop haunt her about it. STAR, the woman speak inna tongues the way it nice. Let's just say it became an almost everyday ting, and it eventually lead to sex.

My friend still a boast bout him nice woman, and me start tell him say mi not so depressed anymore. Pity him don't know say a him wife responsible for my happiness too. The other day she a mention say she wah stop cause she feel guilty, but me make sure tell her say any how she stop me a go tell her husband about us. So, she just have to work with the programme ya now.

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