STAR of the Month: No ‘luxury doll’ look for D’Angel

March 18, 2019

The ‘luxury doll’ trend seems to be the new phenomenon in dancehall, and has left fans speculating as to which female artistes have gone under the knife.

But one thing for sure is that dancehall artiste D’Angel has no intention of following this trend.

The flaunting of her ‘muffin top’ in her recent Mind Yuh Business music video is testament that the dancehall singjay is confident in her body – flaws and all.

So she isn’t too keen on other female artistes enhancing their bodies. But D’Angel said she understands that there might be different reasons for them deciding to go under the knife.

“People do cosmetic surgery fi different reasons, for health issue, all kinda something,” she said.

But the I’m Blessed singer wants the body enhancement to be kept at a minimum.

“Right now, everybody a run down this hourglass shape. I don’t have a problem with anybody cause a nuh my money a spend, and a nuh mi uno a dweet fa, and a nuh my body. But mi hate the body dem weh overdone, and look terrible, and cya fix. The botched body dem, a dem mi ignorant fa,” she said

She suggested that if persons are going that route, they should “go easy”.

“Suh if yuh doing something, dweet modest, and mek it still look natural,” she cautioned.

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