Have a health body from just living in Jamaica


October 12, 2015

Have a healthy body from just living in Jamaica

There are many fantastic health benefits to living on this small, beautiful island called Jamaica.

We often take things for granted when it appears to be the norm, however, today I will highlight three things that we can make an effort to do as it will bring us fantastic health benefits.

The beautiful sunshine - The sun provides the body with vitamin D, which brings a long list of benefits to the body. Research shows vitamin D can lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart attacks, diabetes and arthritis. This vitamin can also assist with us looking good too, a key ingredient in the development of an important hormone which helps us to build muscle and reduce body fat - testosterone. However locking ourselves away in air-conditioned cars and offices prevent our bodies from taking in this important vitamin. Another restricting factor is the clothing we wear that prevents the sunrays from penetrating the skin.

The food that is grown from the soil - The natural-grown foods available to us in Jamaica is frequently substituted for processed imported foods, which can be damaging to our bodies. Yam is a great source of carbohydrates, dietary fibre and B vitamins, a fantastic way to fuel and nurture the body.

The beautiful stress-free culture - Stress is something that can really destroy the body. Chronic stress is something that should be uprooted out of our lives as long-term stress brings to the body more bad than good. The Jamaican culture is a positive and happy one which can offer escape from ongoing pressures; this is a major bonus for the body.

Let us take time to ensure we are paying attention to the above issues in order to have a healthier life and a better body. I challenge you this week to take more time in the sun, eat more foods that are locally grown and take part in something to move stress from your life.

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