Am I cured of syphillis?


November 22, 2016

Dear Counsellor,

Last week, or a little over a week ago, I noticed a rash on my hands and feet. I went to the clinic and was diagnosed with syphilis.

I felt so embarrassed, I have never had a sexual disease before. I got an injection and was invited by the nurse to return sometime next month.

To my delight, the rash is gone. Do I have to go back to the clinic, especially since the rash is gone away? Can I start having sex now? The doctor had told me not to continue having sex until I'm cured.

Not Sure

Dear Not Sure,

Yes, you must keep your appointment, and please follow other instructions given to you by your health-care provider, including not to have sex until you are fully cured.

Just because the rash is gone does not mean that you are completely cured. If you are untreated or not treated properly for syphilis, you may develop serious complications.

Your doctor is right. You should avoid having sex until he/she tells you that you are completely cured.

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