Ouch! I broke my penis


October 29, 2018

Charlie says his penis is developing a curve, which is actually interfering with sexual intercourse. He remembers an episode where he hit the penis on the inside thigh of a partner while having sex some months ago. It was very painful and he avoided sex for a while, but the pain and swelling gradually got better. He used a lot of ice packs.

A friend says that this problem could stem from that incident. He didn't go to the doctor about it as the partner wasn't his regular girl, so he was just hoping it would settle down and go away.

Well, you sound like you broke your penis! The condition is called penile fracture and occurs when the erect penis takes a blow, head-on! Older men hardly experience this problem as for many, their erections are often not full erections, but a bit softer, which is their salvation. However, even the partially engorged penis can twist with a blow and fracture.

The penis is made up of three tubes under the skin. Two are filled with blood during an erection and the third is the urethra, which passes the urine. During erection, the larger tubes fill with blood and when they are really full the penis cannot bend. If during sex this turgid penis hits somewhere other than entering the vagina, the pressure it sustains causes the penile tissues to rupture or tear.

If the blow is hard enough, you can actually hear a popping sound as the tissues rupture.

When the erection is sort of soft, it can bend and withstand the blow. After the injury occurs, the erection is lost due to the pain experienced and blood leaking from the torn, blood-filled tissues into surrounding tissues. The penis becomes black and blue and swollen. If the injury is really bad, it will also affect the urethra and blood is passed, along with urine. This wasn't the case with Charlie.


This condition is actually a surgical emergency requiring a visit to the emergency room of a hospital. Once the condition is confirmed, surgery is done within a few days to repair the damaged tissues. It's more difficult to repair later on and scar tissue will begin to form, which can lead to a curved penis when erection occurs. Some men may not even be able to get an erection as the tissues which hold the blood and lead to erection remain damaged.

The result is erectile dysfunction. The best recommendation for a broken penis is surgery within three days, then sex after six weeks post-op.

When sex involves thrusting with a lot of force, the man is more likely to tear something. Studies have shown that this is more likely in an extramarital affair, as sex may be rushed and occurring outside the bed room. Men who have sex while under the influence of alcohol, are diabetic or pre-diabetic, or masturbate, also, may need forceful sex to feel acceptable sensation during sexual intercourse.

When the penis is injured during sex, keep it pointed upwards, wear a jock strap to prevent excessive swelling. See a doctor; better still, go to the accidents and emergency department of the nearest hospital. Charlie should visit a urologist at a hospital, clinic or privately to determine what can be done to correct what seems to be complications from a broken penis.

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