Weird News: Zoo lizard used to launch new phone


October 06, 2015

Weird News: Zoo lizard used to launch new phone

Zoo lizard used to launch new phone

Pigpig the chameleon who lives in Chester Zoo has become a campaign star. HTC have enlisted the colourful reptile to help launch their latest handset, the Desire 626, and his fee will go towards environmental projects. Pigpig inspects and uses his camouflaging abilities on the smartphone in the campaign. Peter Frolund from HTC said: "Chameleons have a unique ability to change theira colour to suit their mood, which is something we wanted to reflect in the new phone". The money paid to Chester Zoo for Pigpig's appearance will go towards projects that help communities across Madagasca to save the biodiverse wildlife within the remaining forests.

Fright Night descends on Thorpe Park

Dead clowns and adult babies will amp up Thorpe Park's Halloween season.

The amusement park has taken on a carnival theme for their annual Fright Night and enlisted mime artists and a devilish ringleader to freak out visitors, on the 14th anniversary of the annual event inspired by All Hallows' Eve. Horror and thrills are guaranteed at the fortune tellers wagon, the mirror maze with chuckling clowns and traditional creepy fun house, as well as a torture chamber and circus scare room.

And carnival owners, the Figaro Bros, will soon make visitors realise it's no place of laughter.

Fright Nights dates are October 9, 10, 11, 12, 17, 18, 19, 24 and November 1.

The park opens from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Fright Nights attractions open at 4 p.m.


n Thief complains about wanted poster to cops

A man who moaned about his face on a "wanted" poster to the police was arrested for the crime.

Nicholas Allegretto, 23, complained to Cambridge constabulary that shopkeeper Neil Mackay had ruined his life after the notice went viral on Facebook. The poster read: "Mr Magnet Man was apprehended by one of our staff stealing a valuable magnet from the shop. All our staff have been shown the image (N.B without the lines). You know who you are. Please be aware we will prosecute shoplifters". Unfortunately for Nicholas his family and friends recognised him and he was sacked from his job before he unwittingly handed himself into the police.

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