Three on gun charge for court today


October 07, 2015

Three on gun charge for court today

Three men charged with breaches of the Firearms Act, are to appear in the Santa Cruz resident Magistrate's Court in St Elizabeth today.

They are 34-year-old Dalton Lindo, a tiler; 25-year-old Randal Reid, labourer, both of Whithorn, Westmoreland and 41-year-old Devon Francis of Braemar Avenue, Kingston 6 and Brompton Lane, Black River, St Elizabeth.

Detectives from the Santa Cruz police arrested and charged the men for illegal possession of firearm and ammunition at the weekend.

Reports from the Santa Cruz police are that about 4:30 p.m., during an operation on Main Street in Santa Cruz, the driver of a Honda Acura motorcar was signalled to stop. The vehicle, driver and two passengers were searched and a Sig Sauer pistol and two 9mm rounds of ammunition were seized.

The men were subsequently taken into police custody and later charged. Investigations are continuing into the incident the police said.

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