October 22, 2015

Despite complaints from residents about the adult-like behaviour of some students at a nearby high school, a St Catherine-based principal says he is yet to get a formal report. However, he is not ruling out the possibility.

THE STAR understands that residents from communities within proximity to the institution have long been disturbed by the alleged romances and other non-student practices being showcased by children from the school.

Our news team understands that the students must traverse sections of these communities in order to get to the school compound.

THE STAR, on a recent visit to the area, spoke to a resident, who said he was pleased that some of the excess bushes had been removed "Because the pickney dem tiad fi have sex over deh and ina di gully... dem probably tek it back to the classroom. Mi hear say a in deh dem have all oral sex."

Another resident added that it is a regular occurrence for students to curse expletives, touch and kiss each other while walking through the community.

A male resident also gave THE STAR his take on how he believed the situation can be handled.

"A soldier dem need fi run ova the school ... the principal and who ova deh can't manage those students ... a bare rejected children over deh enuh," he said.

When contacted, the principal at the institution told THE STAR that he is yet to get any official complaint.

"It could be that it happened, but no report has been made to us. Now and again we get reports that students sit on their (residents) walls," he said.

When quizzed further about alleged sexual activities inside the institution and in a nearby gully, he said, "I know nothing of that. Before the bushing was done, the boys used to go there and smoke ganja and so forth. That is all we know."

When asked about sections of the perimeter fencing that were missing, the principal said plans were in place to have it repaired.

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