I had sex with 50 men

December 03, 2015

Dear Pastor,

I am 18. I live in St Andrew with a lady. I have been through a lot. I could make a song of my past and call it 'Hard life'.

I have been raped, tricked and abused. I have lived in government homes that turned me into a lesbian because when nobody was visiting me, a girl was providing for me.

I have been with more than 50 men, both young and old, even my school principal. None of them meant any good for me.

I grew up with my grandmother while my dad was overseas. Everything was ok while I was there. When he came back I began to live like a princess. I was brilliant at school but as I reached sixth grade my attendance in school fell. I began to move from one place to another because my father did not invest his money in the right way and he does not own a house for himself.

He went around begging for food. Many times we sat and cried together, no food. We could not even buy juice. I did not grow up with my mother and it didn't seem as if she liked me. I tried to be nice to her but I was wasting my time.

When I stayed at my mother I

was having sex with my brother and step-brother because we slept on the same bed. One day I told someone about it. I begged the lady not to talk and when I left my mother's home because I wasn't happy around her, they told all the people about my past. My mother never loved my dad. She said he was gay so maybe that is why she hates me so much. I have worked at a lot of places from I was 15. Because I was so young I could not work full time.

One day I saw that a man needed a bartender in Mile Gully. I went there and I got the job. I worked all day and didn't get any pay. I didn't have any money and I went to some relatives I knew in Clarendon. Because I didn't get any pay I left the job. I couldn't report the people to the police because I was too young to be working.

Iwas friends with a principal so one day I called him and told him that I was hungry and he should send me some money. He sent me $5,000. He put it in my dad's account. My father went for the money and when he came back he showed me the receipt and he beat me, saying I shouldn't take money from men. He punched me in my face. He raised a cutlass at me and threw me on the concrete. He found my purse with money that was in my bag because I left my bag and went to the hospital to receive treatment. I even had an infection in my anus.

The money my dad found in my purse, I got it from another man. I went out in the night and had sex for three minutes with a man for $4,000. My father didn't even know how I lived when I was giving him money and feeding the family.

I even got pregnant and I didn't even know that I was pregnant. My father beat me wickedly with a tall, rough stick. My whole life has been stressful. I would love to go back to school. I have always wished to be a lawyer. I would settle for nursing or to be an accountant but I really want to go back to school. I have a younger sister who is suffering. I wouldn't want what has happened to me to happen to her. I got pregnant and had to abort it. I don't have a phone.


Dear S.G.,

You need all the help that you can get. I don't need to comment on the hard times that you have faced but I am impressed by your desire to become a professional and I believe that you can if you were to get some help. You have many years ahead of you and with some help you can go back to school if someone is able to give you lodging and proper guidance. I must promise you that I will do my best to assist you. There are a lot of people in your life who you would have to learn to forgive. They have taken advantage of you but don't allow yourself to hate them. I am going to organise a meeting for you to attend with the lady with whom you live. I will contact you very soon.

In the meantime, give God thanks for the lady who is now giving you food and shelter. I look forward to meeting you. Thank you for writing and God bless you. Pray and read your Bible and keep out of trouble.


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