My boyfriend has weird sex habit

December 02, 2015


Dear Pastor,

I am 19. Please tell me what is going on. Why is my boyfriend doing this to me? He is behaving like a sex maniac. He is 35. My parents asked me to leave their home because they said I was not behaving. This man encouraged me to come and live with him.

Before I went, he told me he would send me back to school. He was engaged to be married but since I came into his life, he does not want his fiancÈe anymore.

The woman is working in one of the islands. On the first night after I moved, she called him. He was asleep so I answered the phone. He woke up and grabbed the phone from me. She asked him who I was and he told her I was his sister. She asked to speak with me but he told her she called too late. She asked why is his sister was sleeping in his room. He hung up the phone and told me to turn off the light. I turned it off but the lady called back. I looked at the number and wrote it down. I called her a few days after and we enquired about each other.

This man has sex with me two times per day - once before we go to bed and early in the morning. Sometimes we have sex three times for the day. He has a habit of pushing his finger in my vagina and smelling it and licking his finger. He likes to do it and I want to know if it can hurt him. He is so weird when it comes to sex.

I have to make him porridge and buy him items that he can mix to stay fit. He doesn't have any children and wants to get me pregnant. He won't get me pregnant because I am on a contraceptive. He asked if I am using something and I told him no, but I do not want to have any children now.

I have a sister and she is planning to help me move to America but I can't let him know because he gives me everything. He is not mean but I don't like when he fights me for sex. I just lie down and let him have his time. Don't tell me to leave him because I will not. I just want to know if what he is doing will hurt him.


Dear S.G.,

I hope your boyfriend keeps his word and pays for you to go back to school. Some only say things that women want to hear but they don't always keep their word. I could see why you described this him as a sex maniac. He is not even giving you a break. He is always at it, carrying on as if he can finish sex. He is unwise and fails to realise that you will last much longer than him.

I see that you have warned me not to tell you to leave him. Well, my dear, whether you want me to tell you to leave him should leave or not leave isn't up to you. If I believe that it is necessary to make such a suggestion, I will.

You are concerned about this man's sexual habits. I suppose that he smells you because he wants to be sure whether you have an infection. He licks his finger after inserting it into your vagina because he likes the taste of your secretion.

It is said by those who should know; "It is okay to swallow any vaginal secretions. It is a personal preference, but it is in no way harmful unless she has an STD. When a girl orgasms, it's not like a guy ... . Unless she can ejaculate, there will not be an increase of liquid that comes out like with a guy.

"So, the vaginal fluid that you taste will be the same as when she has an orgasm. If she can have a female ejaculation, that's a whole different story."

"Ingesting a woman's secretions is just as safe as a woman ingesting a man's semen when she performs oral sex. The taste can differ from time to time depending on a woman's cycle and what she has eaten or drank that day.

For instance a lot of coffee can make it taste bitter, whereas some people believe that if they eat certain foods such as pineapple it can make it taste sweeter."

I want to make it absolutely clear that I am not endorsing this kind of sexual behaviour, but it is my responsibility to respond to your question truthfully and honestly.

Concerning a man's semen, "It contains amino acids and protein; sugars such as fructose and glucose; minerals such as zinc and calcium; vitamin c; and a few other nutrients. Sperm cells make up less than one per cent of semen and are not present for men who have had a vasectomy.

Semen is edible, and if swallowed, will travel down the oesophagus and into the stomach, where it will be digested in the same way that food is."

So, the answer to the question that you have raised is that your boyfriend is unlikely to become ill by his sexual practice that he engages in with you.


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