Daughter beaten for going on Facebook

October 27, 2015

A mother who believed she was rightfully disciplining her daughter by beating her with a broomstick, had her bail extended when she appeared before the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court last Thursday.

Charged with assault occasioning bodily harm is Stacy-Ann White. She pleaded "guilty with explanation" to the offence.

Allegations are that, on October 4, the accused woman reportedly used a broomstick to hit her 13-year-old daughter all over her body causing swelling, bruises and pain after learning she was inappropriately messaging a boy her age on social -networking service Facebook.

"Your Honour, she was on Facebook, which I didn't want her to be on, and she go on it," White began. "She was texting the guy some outrageous things."

logging on

The court heard that White reportedly told the child on various occasions to refrain from logging on to message anyone. White said her requests fell on deaf ears, however, which resulted in her beating the child.

"You take broomstick and beat up your daughter?" asked an outraged Resident Magistrate Maxine Ellis.

"Are you crazy ... your bruise up the little girl for that man? What is wrong with you? That is cruel!"

RM Ellis ordered White to participate in a mediation session at the Corporate Area Probation Office. There was no fingerprint order made against her. The magistrate is awaiting the results of a complete probation report.

White is to return to court on December 9.

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