No motive in Clarendon double murder

October 28, 2015

Up to late last night, police said they had not identified any suspect(s) or establish a motive in connection with Monday night's killing of two men in Clarendon.

A 19-year old dancer and his 21-year-old companion, a construction worker, became the latest casualties in the ongoing crime wave in the parish, after both were gunned down in an attack, police reported.

According to the police, Jashua 'Coolie' Dashan and dancer Ronaldo Philips were killed just after 10 p.m. in the Rock Road area of Osbourne Store in the parish, when a gunman, armed with a rifle, opened fire on a group of men, killing the two.

110 murders

"Philips and Dashan were killed while awaiting transportation to go to a party in Manchester," a senior detective, who is part of the investigations, told The Star yesterday. "Our preliminary investigation is that a lone gunman armed with a rifle attacked the area killing them both," the officer added.

The senior cop also informed The Star that the latest bloodletting has pushed the division's murder tally to a whopping 110 murders since the start of the year. This is contrasting unfavourable with last year's (2014) figure where just 73 murders were recorded in the division up to the same time last year.

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