9 months for handbag snatcher

October 29, 2015

A man accused of stealing a woman's handbag from her motor car was sentenced to nine months' imprisonment when he appeared before the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's (RM) Court on Tuesday.

Charged with simple larceny is Antonio Riley, who pleaded guilty with explanation to the offence.

Allegations are that on the day of the incident, the female complainant was driving along a thoroughfare when she came to a stop. It is said that the accused man came out of nowhere and grabbed a leather strapped bag from the interior of the complainant's vehicle and made a hasty retreat.

Riley's alleged actions would not go unnoticed, as several civilians who witnessed the happening chased him down breathlessly until he was held. He was subsequently handed over to the police, arrested, and charged for the offence.

In court, Riley shed light on the matter. "You know say mi never really want do it still," he began, "but me have a little problem with some pin inna mi hand."

Senior RM Judith Pusey appeared unmoved by Riley's explanation.

"If something was actually wrong with the hand, you wouldn't have done it," she said.

He was sentenced to nine months in prison. A fingerprint order was also made against him.

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