October 29, 2015

A man said to be of unsound mind has become a cause for concern for the police in Spanish Town because he frequently harasses women in the area.

It is reported that the man lurks along Burke Road in proximity to the Spanish Town Police Station.

"He is a problem and must be removed. It seems like his oil is riding him and him don't afraid to grab you. Is a policewoman him grabbed onto this week," a policewoman said.

The disgruntled police woman said that the man grabbed his victim and then gyrated on her.

In the case, the female office was merely walking in the area when the mad man pounced on her.





other lawmen


It is said that he held onto her from behind and it took the assistance of other lawmen to pry his stubborn body from the frightened officer.

However, it is not an isolated incident, as THE STAR understands that he also held onto and gyrated on a nurse a week ago.

"Yes, him must get help or him may hurt someone physically and he could also get serious injuries too," said Mark Bender, a resident in the area.

When THE STAR contacted the affected police personnel, although shaken by the incident, she is asking for help.

"As we remove them, they are back. There needs to be intervention to treat them, as he has since assaulted three other persons. He needs help," the policewoman said.

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