Policemen arrested in connection with businesswoman's murder

October 29, 2015

A top level probe headed by senior investigators from Criminal Investigation Branch Headquarters (CIB HQ) resulted in the arrest of two policemen on Monday in connection with the murder of Manchester businesswoman, Norma Coleman, who was killed in the parish on Friday.

Detectives from CIB HQ, who are reporting significant progress in their probe of the incident, are now spearheading the investigation.

On Friday, at about 1:30 p.m., the 61-year-old businesswoman of Begonia Drive, Mandeville, Manchester, was shot and killed on Confidence Avenue in the town. Preliminary investigation indicates that Coleman's death was a contract killing involving person/s closely associated with her.

Investigators are appealing to the deceased's husband, Vincent Coleman, and Marshall Small, both of Mandeville addresses, to report to the Mandeville Police Station by midday today as the police believe these men can assist the investigations.

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