Pregnant ganja smuggler to be sentenced

November 02, 2015

A pregnant woman pleaded guilty to several ganja charges in the Corporate Area Resident's Court last Thursday. According to official reports, on October 23, Annakie Meloney was searched and found with more than a pound of ganja at the Norman Manley International Airport. Meloney pleaded guilty to possession, dealing in, taking steps to export ganja, and conspiracy to export ganja.

The accused woman was reportedly found with ganja strapped to her body when searched. Meloney begged Resident Magistrate Maxine Ellis for leniency.

"Your Honour, me have three children, dem a one, three, and 10 years old. Please, me a beg yuh for leniency," the accused pleaded with the RM. But RM Ellis was not moved and told her she should have considered her children before making a decision to peddle drugs.

The accused also told the court she was due in January. "I don't want to have my baby in prison, just want to be a better mother than my own was to me," added Meloney.

RM Ellis told the accused that deciding to peddle drugs suggested Meloney did not want to be a better mother. The accused will return to court on November 23 for sentencing.

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