November 19, 2015
Forensic investigator working at a crime scene.

Members of a small community in Clarendon are blaming the issuing of an American citizenship to a woman as the reason her husband allegedly killed her less than two weeks ago.

According to a source, after years of going through the filing process to become an American resident, the 52-year-old woman was killed after telling her husband that the filing process was now complete.

"The man find out say she get through fi foreign and kill her and try kill himself because him no want her leave him," the source told THE STAR.

On the day of the murder, it is said that the deceased woman and her husband were supposed to go to the doctor, but only the husband showed up for their appointment.

Members of the community told the police that after the husband returned from the doctor, he was seen leaving the house in a different outfit a few hours later.

The accused man reportedly went to members of the community, and told them that his wife had been raped and murdered.


dangerous substance


However, another member of community said some persons in the area questioned the man's account of the events.

"A long time him did a beat him wife, so nobody bought the story about her being murdered, and we immediately suspected him," the community member explained.

A day after his wife was murdered, the man reportedly drank a dangerous substance, which resulted in him being hospitalised.

The Clarendon police confirmed that the ingested substance was the liquid weed killer, Grammazone. The lawman also said that it was after the man's hospitalisation that he was arrested by the police. He is still in police custody.

Despite reports that the accused man admitted to the police that he used an iron pipe to kill his wife and even brought in the weapon, THE STAR was unable to ascertain if the accused man had been formally charged with murder.

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