MoBay gone to the dogs - Residents want authorities to remove stray animals

December 18, 2015
Alan Lewin These are some of the stray dogs that can be seen on the streets of Montego Bay. They have been causing much discomfort to both pedestrians and motorists in the parish.

For quite some time now, several residents have become fed up with the increase in the number of stray dogs that have been 'polluting' the streets of downtown Montego Bay, St James.

These dogs, the residents say, roam the streets from one end to the other, sometimes becoming a nuisance to motorists and pedestrians, and at other times, a danger to persons who fear being attacked by the animals.

Jeffery Lewis, a popular Montego Bay photographer, told THE WEEKEND STAR that the dogs have been a constant nuisance to him and many others.

"Sometimes them cause you to walk out into oncoming vehicles and put you in danger," he said.

Lewis, like several other residents, is calling on the relevant authorities to rid the streets of these stray animals.

Just recently, some persons were turned off after witnessing one of these stray dogs giving birth to several young puppies at the Church and Strand streets intersection.

The dogs also urinate and defecate anywhere on the streets, leaving many unwelcome surprises for pedestrians and motorists. Many people have complained that on more than one occasion, several pedestrians have messed up their shoes by accidentally stepping into dogs mess.

One street person, who is known as 'Burns', can be seen with at least seven of these dogs, walking throughout the city, from time to time.

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