Crossdresser robs, shoots cabbie

January 04, 2016

A group of robbers, one of whom is a cross-dresser, are wreaking havoc in the St Catherine North Police Division and leaving several persons suffering.

The Star learned that within a five-day period, about five robberies, one accompanied by the shooting of a taxi driver, have occurred.

Reports are that last Monday, the criminals robbed two females along the Twickenham Park main road in St Catherine. The 'gang' is said to have robbed two houses last week in the New Nursery area.

These robberies followed the gunshot injury of a taxi operator.

"Yes, the taxi operators are very stressed about the situation, as the driver pick up some passengers, one dressed like a woman. Them later robbed him and shot him, " A concerned citizen said.

It was revealed that upon reaching the Thompson Pen main road, the driver was told to go to Mount View and he refused.

"After him pick them up a Spanish Town, mi hear say him tell dem that him not going any further. They then shot him in his head and hands and left him fi dead," a motorist revealed.

The Spanish Town police said that the matters are being investigated.

Meanwhile, residents said they hope the men will be caught sooner than later.

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