February 02, 2016

A man without a heart was how prosecutors summed up the allegations surrounding an incident in which an accused attacked a complainant while he was being treated at the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH) for wounds also inflicted by the accused.

Charged with felonious wounding and unlawful wounding is Roger Heart. He pleaded not guilty to both counts and offered the court an explanation for his actions.

Heart said, "Him and his wife and about seven others attack me. I had to defend myself."

However, the complainant told the court that "him hit my wife with a bottle, and I went to him about it, and him ask 'weh me fa'. Him draw for something and start to hit me."

The court heard that while the complainant was at KPH getting treated for his injury, the accused man attacked him again and cut him across the face.

Heart then admitted to causing injury, saying, "I was treating my injury at the hospital when he saw me and attacked me. I had to defend myself and run."

The medical report in the matter is outstanding. Heart was further remanded and is to return to court on February 24.

A fingerprint order was also made.

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