Man beaten for burning dead woman's clothes

March 16, 2016

A man who admitted to beating his neighbour for burning a dead woman’s clothes near his property, had his bail extended to be sentenced on April 12 in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate Court.

Dwayne Whyte, also known as 'Colour', told the court he was “guilty with explanation” for assault occasioning bodily harm.

Allegations are that another man, Kemar Saddler, held on to the complainant and punched him, while Whyte used a machete to beat and injure him.

When given a chance to explain himself, Whyte said there has been a long-standing dispute between himself and his neighbour regarding the neighbour’s constant burning of items near his property.

However, in this particular instance, the substance which was being burned was particularly upsetting to Whyte.

“Him [the neighbour] girlfriend died recently so him burn a lot of her clothes right across from my fence and I told him to take them up,” Whyte said.

When the neighbour refused, Whyte retaliated.

“I hit him with the lass [machete] Your Honour because I talked to him about it multiple times!” Whyte asserted.

A fingerprint order was filed against the accused, and he is return to court for sentencing on April 12 when the outstanding medical report in the case should be ready.

The other man implicated in the case, Kemar Saddler, also charged with assault occasioning bodily harm, pleaded not guilty and will be tried on April 11 in the night court. A fingerprint order was filed against him. 

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