It's a miracle! - Baby unhurt after car overturns 3 times

June 13, 2016
Contributed The damaged Nissan Sunny
Contributed A man attempts to look inside the overturned Toyota Probox on West Avenue yesterday

- Baby unhurt after car overturns 3 times

Worshippers leaving the Grace Missionary Church on West Avenue, St Andrew, witnessed a miracle yesterday when a man, his wife, and one-year-old daughter travelling in a Nissan Probox survived a horrific collision with a Nissan Sunny carrying men fleeing from the police.

"A three time the car flip over, unuh," said the driver of the Probox, a well-muscled man wearing a white sleeveless shirt and dark sweatpants while speaking to cops. He was unwilling to speak with THE STAR and was eventually whisked away by the police, after his wife, child, and another woman, who was also a passenger in the car, were taken to hospital. They were visibly shaken but seemed unharmed except for a five-centimetre-long cut on the child's left elbow.

Efforts to speak with them were blocked by an angry-looking male relative. "No news to report round here," he declared.

A policeman who spoke to THE STAR, but preferred to remain unidentified because he is not authorised to speak to the media, said the car carrying at least two men was seen on Central Avenue off Constant Spring Road about noon and signalled to stop. Instead of complying, the driver sped off on to Constant Spring Road and then turned off on to West Avenue.

"The car swerved to avoid a SUV in front of me and ended up on my side of the road. I tried to ride the sidewalk, but the vehicle crashed into my car flipping it over," the driver was overheard telling the police, explaining his car ended up on its roof. A woman's hairpiece was on the ground outside the car.

The sound of screeching tyres, collision, as well as a woman's shrill scream caused worshippers at the church and residents of nearby apartments to rush out to West Avenue.

The powerfully built driver, a licensed firearm holder, told the police he climbed out of the overturned vehicle and chased the occupants of the Nissan Sunny that had come to a stop a few metres away. One of the occupants ran on to the church property near where children were engaged in Sunday service. He was apprehended and subdued by the driver and eventually taken into police custody.

Witnesses said the driver of the Probox had his weapon drawn as he gave chase. The other suspect escaped along Grove Park Avenue, on the opposite side of West Avenue .

Meantime, the angry male relative of the terribly frightened woman and child came close to confrontation with the suspect who was in the backseat of one of the patrol cars on the scene. The suspect protested that he was not involved.

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