Sisters want more variety at Denbigh show

August 04, 2016
Rudolph Brown/Photographer Deron Franton attends to the Champion Supreme bull at Denbigh Agriculture Show on Saturday.

The Levy sisters have been attending the annual Denbigh Agricultural Show in Clarendon since their parents were taking them.

Now adults, they have continued the tradition. And living in the same community, they say it's a habit for them to be at the event, sometimes one day, other times two out of the three days on which the event is held.

"We never miss it, it's a tradition, we just have to be here," Zennith, the elder of the two sisters, told THE STAR on Sunday, while viewing the displays inside the Cocoa Industry Board's booth.

gospel package

Attending the 64th staging this year, the sisters said as long as the event is being held, they will be there, but as 'loyalists' they want a little more variety on the show.

According to the sisters, an effort should be made to 'localise' the gospel package with some performers from Clarendon.

"Every year it's almost the same thing. Considering the event is being held in Clarendon, one would think an effort would be made to include two of our talents on it," Zennith she said.

"As a Clarendonian, it would be nice to see gospel singers such as Bunny Anderson, Dian Barnett, Judith Gayle, and Carol Carridice sometimes I don't even wait for the show," Rosetta added.

But the greater concern for Rosetta was the animals on show.

"Lawks, we waan see some more animals now man. Every year we see cow and goat. We woulda like some a whey nuh popular just fi a change," she said.

Although they want more variety, the sisters were excited about the many competitions from the various sponsors, as they said it gives them the chance to "take home something from the show."

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