Glock used to kill Khajeel linked to 2009 double murder

November 04, 2016
Khajeel Mais

Head of the CIB, Assistance Commissioner of Police Ealan Powell, during a public broadcast yesterday, revealed that the spent casing found at the crime scene of Khajeel Mais match those recovered from a double murder in 2009.

This would mean that the same gun, a glock pistol, that was used to murder Mais on July 1, 2011 was the weapon used to commit the double killing two years prior.

Powell, during an interview with our news team last evening, confirmed that a ballistic expert made the connection between the murder of Mais and that of the double murder in 2009.

not being investigated

However, ACP Powell stressed that Patrick Powell, who was found not guilty in the murder case, "was not being investigated for the double murder."

Ealan Powell also told THE WEEKEND STAR that he could not off hand remember the names or age of the murdered victims in 2009, but said that the investigation was ongoing.

Patrick Powell, who has a case to answer on November 18 in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish court for failing to hand over his firearm, was found not guilty in the murder of Khajeel Mais last month.

His attorney, Deborah Martin, could not be reached for a comment in relation to the case.

Meanwhile, the Firearm Licensing Authority on Wednesday made a startling revelation that businessman Patrick Powell's file was missing from its offices.

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