JUTC to repair more than 100 buses


November 04, 2016

The Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) will be repairing some 100 buses to increase its fleet before the end of the fiscal year.

This was disclosed by Minister of Transport and Mining Mike Henry while responding to questions regarding the adequacy of the JUTC's fleet in the House of Representatives on Wednesday.

"There will be no purchase of new buses, as there was no fiscal space or financing left in place. The programme is to refurbish 160 to 200 buses. So, the parts ordered are to ensure that we put back in the system at least 100 more buses between now and the end of the financial year," he said.

Henry pointed out that 160 buses are currently out of service due to the lack of parts.

He also said that Cabinet has approved $985 million to begin the repairs.

"The JUTC urgently requires additional buses. I am currently exploring options for doing so. However, the immediate focus is on the procurement of spare parts for refurbishing the buses," he said.

Henry noted that the spare parts which are needed to repair the buses are expected to arrive in the island between 30 and 40 days' time.

He said, however, there are no plans to increase bus fares for commuters or to sub-franchise holders.

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