'Do not cry when you do not win' ... Portia sounds warning to candidates who fail to engage people


November 07, 2016
The PNP won the 2012 Local Government Elections, gaining 149 seats to the Jamaica Labour Party's 76.
Prime Minister Andrew Holness

... Portia sounds warning to candidates who fail to engage people

With local government elections slated for November 28, Jamaicans should now brace for the reality that politicians will be banging on their gates, knocking on their doors, and using every opportunity to sell their messages.

The leaders of both major political parties have told councillor-candidates that they should be seen and heard right across the 228 divisions in order to improve their chances of being elected.

"We have work to do. No matter how safe the division is, be in there and stay in your divisions," PNP President Portia Simpson Miller said yesterday.

Simpson Miller was speaking to councillor-candidates at a meeting at the Jamaica Conference Centre in Kingston.

"If you do not get on the ground among the people, do not cry when you do not win," she said. "Treat the people with love and respect. If you disrespect the people, they will never ever forget it in life."

The PNP won 13 of the 14 local authorities in the March 2012 local government elections. In fact, the JLP won only 75 of the 228 divisions across the island.

Last Thursday, Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) Leader Andrew Holness told councillor-candidates that they should get on the ground in order to get out the votes.

hand-to-hand campaign

"This election is about what I call hand-to-hand campaign. You have to be on every street and every lane. I challenge you to go to every yard. I set a target for you that you should know, meet, shake hands personally with 70 per cent of your voters' list because you are the ultimate in representation," Holness said.

"This election is about engaging the people in your communities," he added.

"We have a plan. We need to have the local representatives who understand and who are a part of the vision of prosperity to be in the communities, to be in the divisions, to be working in the constituencies, to ensure that the prosperity plan for every single Jamaican becomes a reality," Holness said.

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