Bellevue residents marooned again


November 11, 2016
Gareth Davis A man walks through the Bellevue community after a section of that roadway was cleared after a landslide

Heavy rains are again wreaking havoc in the Rio Grande Valley of Portland, forcing the abandonment of classes at the Bellevue Primary, after a massive landslide blocked the only access route into that community yesterday.

"This latest landslide took place overnight following several hours of intense rainfall," said the principal Herman Reid. "No member of staff was able to negotiate the muddy, wet, and slippery condition, which also brought vehicular traffic to a halt. Last week, we had to suspend classes for an entire week as a result of multiple land slippages, which blocked the main road in several different locations. We have already lost valuable time, and some of our students are also preparing for Grade Six Achievement Test."

Mid-afternoon rain on Wednesday, which continued into Thursday morning, lashed sections of the valley, ripping down a massive portion of earth from a nearby hillside. Residents were awakened to discover they were again marooned, just days after the roadway leading throughout that community was cleared by a team from the National Works Agency.

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