Man fined for forged documents


November 15, 2016

A man who went to the Elletson Road Police Station in Kingston and presented a forged insurance certificate to get back his motor car, has been slapped with fines totalling $35,000.

The man, 57-year-old mechanic Sylvester Reid, pleaded guilty in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court last Thursday to uttering forged document and attempting to obtain a benefit by deception. He was fined $25,000 or 60 days in jail for uttering forged document and $10,000 or 30 days in prison for the other charge. Prosecutors outlined in court that on September 21, Reid went to the station and presented a 'British Caribbean Insurance Company' (BCIC) certificate of insurance in an attempt to get back his 1990 Nissan Sunny motor car. However, prosecutors said checks with BCIC revealed the document was forged.

"When the officer asked him how he came in possession of it, he responded - under caution - 'Me look 'bout it me self'," the court was told. When pressed, Reid reportedly said he asked someone named 'Jerry' to prepare the certificate for him and that he paid $10,000 for it. Through his attorney Patrick Peterkin, Reid admitted the offence and pleaded for leniency.

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