woman burned with acid for filming fight


November 21, 2016

A hairdresser is now nursing wounds after an accused scammer allegedly doused her with a corrosive substance causing burns all over her body because she attempted to film him fighting another man.

The accused man, Rajiv Christie, 23, of Barbican, St Andrew, pleaded not guilty to the charge of assault occasioning bodily harm.

The court heard that Christie was on bail for scamming related charges when the incident transpired on August 4, before 5 p.m.

Allegations are that the complainant was inside a bar on Hanover Street, in downtown, Kingston, when she heard a commotion outside and went to look. Upon realising it was a fight, she took out her phone and started to video the incident.

It is further alleged that upon realising he was being filmed, the accused man threw a corrosive substance which he had in a glass bottle, at the complainant, and it caught her face, neck and hand.

corrosive substance

She then hit the bottle from his hand and attempted to run, but the accused man caught up to her and emptied the remainder of the corrosive substance in her head, then fled the scene.

The complainant reported that she then ran back to the bar, where patrons assisted by pouring milk on the burn wounds. She was then taken to hospital where she was admitted for five days.

Christie was later charged for the offence when an eyewitness pointed him out to the police after spotting him at the Central Police Station lock up.

Christie's lawyer said her client is denying all the allegations and noted that there was an altercation between her client and the complainant, where her client also sustained burn wounds.

She claimed she observed the burn wounds of the complainant and they did not seem as severe as those sustained by her client, who had burn wounds on his hands.

The lawyer further claimed that her client has made a report against the complainant in relation to the burn wounds but she is yet to be charged.

The accused man was granted bail at $400,000 and is to return to court on November 23 when it is expected that the medical report will be ready.

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