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November 24, 2016
Naja Lewis
Naja Lewis born with bilateral club foot. A deformity of the foot and ankle.
Naja Lewis born with bilateral club foot. A deformity of the foot and ankle
Naja Lewis and her mother Kerry-Ann Davis.

Naja Lewis, a brilliant little girl born with clubfeet, has made remarkable progress since THE STAR featured her story last year, and she is still at the top of her grade four class at the Holy Family Primary School in Kingston.

Her mother, Kerry-Ann Davis, says she is grateful for the help she received after their story was shared in THE STAR.

"I think THE STAR did a great thing because I got calls from people worldwide," she said.

"Digicel and dancehall artiste Tifa were the main ones that reached out. They supplied her with her school fee for the rest of grade four, as well as grade five and six. They gave her a voucher to buy all her books for that year."

good Samaritans

Being born with clubfeet meant that Naja's feet turned upwards like a golf club, but with the help of some good Samaritans, she underwent multiple operations to correct the affliction.

She is now in grade five at the Holy Family Primary School, and doctors said her feet are healing properly. She is still excelling in her academics

"Just last week she said she got 100 per cent in Mathematics, Spelling, Religious Education and Social Studies," Davis said.

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