Crawle residents thirst for water


November 25, 2016
Hoftate Pantry

The rural farming community of Crawle near Riversdale, St Catherine, is suffering from lack of water even though there is a tank in the area.

"I was born here, and I have lived here all my life and I carried water all my life," Michelle Nesbeth said.

"I find it unfair that even with a tank here, there is still no water, although we are willing to pay for it," she added.

When THE WEEKEND STAR visited the area, a large iron tank was seen. However, there was no water inside.

"This is really shocking that the community is not benefiting from the new tank and they are in need of water. We are still waiting on the National Water Commission to ease the pressure as we are willing to pay for it," a shopkeeper said.


Councillor Hoftate Pantry, who represents the Troja division in which Riversdale falls, told THE weekend STAR that he has done his part in assisting the residents to get water.

"The St Catherine Parish Council got the tank in the area. The NWC asked that we reinforce the stand and we have done that, so it is shocking that for months there is still no water," Pantry said.

Pantry won the seat by 252 votes in the March 26, 2012 local government elections. He told THE WEEKEND STAR that the tank has been sterilised, but no water has been placed in it.

"We had a tank there that was out of service for about 12 years and the parish council put this tank there now," Pantry said.

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