Don't be too quick to lock them up.... High Command warns cops against arbitrary arrests


November 28, 2016
File In this March 2012 photo, these People's National Party supporters make their way to the polling station in the trunk of a car.

Don't be too quick to lock them up

The nation's cops have been told not to arrest persons or seize motor vehicles today without much thought.

The directive was given by the Police High Command as part of a move to ensure that election day activities are smooth.

"All reports of arrests and seizure of motor vehicles conveying electors on election day must be reported to the zone or divisional commander, and must be authorised by them," the High Command said yesterday.

The police, meanwhile, advised persons who will be transporting voters to ensure that their vehicles are properly licensed and insured.

"Operators must act in strict compliance to the Road Traffic Act. Any infraction, to include excessive speeding, bodies protruding from motor vehicles, careless, reckless, or dangerous driving, will be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law," the police said.

The High Command also said that persons driving unlicensed or uninsured motor vehicles or those operating motor vehicles under the influence of alcohol will be prosecuted, and where appropriate, the vehicles seized.

The cops have also advised that if motor vehicles that are transporting voters are tinted, the drivers must operate with all windows rolled down, giving a clear view of the occupants of vehicles.

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