JCF gives security tips for the holidays


December 01, 2016
Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay

The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) is urging citizens to be vigilant in their activities during the festive season. Head of the JCF Corporate Communications Unit (CCU), Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay, said criminals are attaching scanning devices to card machines in stores and are walking around with gadgets that can interrupt card transactions to their benefit.

"When you do your Christmas shopping, if you are using an electronic method to pay, ensure that your card is in your sight because a lot of these cybercrime incidents are inside jobs," Superintendent Lindsay said.

She said shoppers should make sure that they scan their surroundings before entering an Automated Teller Machine location, to ensure that they are not being followed.

For persons who will be away from home, she advises them not to leave their lights on as a security measure.

"If a criminal passes your home on more than one occasion and sees your lights burning during the daytime, they will know that no one is really home and break in," she explained.

neighbourhood watch

She added that a full or unattended mailbox is another indication to criminals that no one is home.

She recommended that persons utilise community neighbourhood watch or get a close relative to make regular checks on the property.

Superintendent Lindsay is also encouraging persons who are changing out their appliances during the festive season to cut the boxes into small pieces and dispose of them in a garbage bag.

"Be security conscious so that no one can have information that could be used by those with criminal intent... if you are in receipt of goodies from overseas, cut or mark out the names and addresses written on the barrels," she said.

Superintendent Lindsay urged parents not to leave children alone at home, and to minimise the use of cell phones on the road.

She urged motorists to have their keys ready when approaching their vehicles, and to check the back seats before entering.

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