Gas served through faulty nozzles at service stations


December 07, 2016

The Bureau of Standards Jamaica (BSJ) has not been doing enough to protect members of the public from bad gas.

This is according to a report that was tabled in Parliament yesterday. The report indicated that the BSJ is yet to fully implement recommendations made in 2004 to conduct regular testing of gas nozzles in order to better protect the public's interest.

Approximately 67 per cent of nozzles at 232 gas stations across the island had expired for periods over two years.

BSJ's records showed that as at October 2016, there were 324 gas stations with a total of 3,551 nozzles. Of these, 1,161 nozzles (33 per cent) at 90 gas stations were up to date.

In a special audit report done by the Auditor General's Department in May 2004), it was found that 2,873 gas nozzles had expired calibration certificates ranging up to four years.

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