Improvements coming for justice system - Chuck


December 14, 2016
Delroy Chuck

Justice Minister Delroy Chuck says major improvements are coming for the justice sector.

He said the objective is to make more resources available to the system "so that justice can be more easily accessible and delivered in a more timely manner".

Chuck was addressing a long-service awards banquet for Justices of the Peace (JP) for Westmoreland held last Saturday at the Hotel Commingle in Savanna-la-Mar.

He said that as part of the improvements, the ministry intends to expand the legal-aid services "to make sure that the vulnerable and marginalised persons in our society, and those who find themselves in conflict with the law, have access to justice".

He noted that the mobile legal-aid clinics have been making a difference in the delivery of justice, with 8,000 Jamaicans benefiting from legal service and advice to date.

Chuck said the Government is also looking at expunging the records of persons who have committed non-fatal offences and agree to enter guilty pleas in exchange for lighter sentences.

"One of the things that we would like to assist in clearing up the backlog, especially of criminal cases in the court, is that more accused persons need to come forward and admit that they have committed a crime," he said.

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