McKenzie cautions councillors


December 14, 2016

Minister of Local Government and Community Development Desmond McKenzie is cautioning fellow politicians not to take their constituents for granted, pointing out that the consequences could be swift and severe.

He was speaking at a special sensitisation session with councillors and mayors at the Montego Bay Convention Centre in Rose Hall, St James, on Monday. He noted that elected officials should be mindful that the electorate has become a lot more sophisticated and has very little patience for non-performers.

"There are many of us, when we get into the position, we take it for granted. We take it for granted that it is our God-given right and that nobody can take that away from us. It is as if we are the ones who will determine how long we will stay in the position. Well, it is the people who will decide our fate," McKenzie said.

He further noted that newly elected councillors have come into the system at a time when local government is under the microscope and facing questions relating to its relevance.

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