More flights projected for winter tourist season


December 22, 2016
Contributed President and Chief Executive Officer of Mojoa Tours, Orville Brown (left) greets the owner and operator of the High Level Swiss World Travel Chartered Jet, Richard Fruehwirt, on arrival at Sangster International Airport, Montego Bay, on a recent chartered flight out of Austria and Switzerland.

One of Jamaica's top destination management companies, Mojoa Tours, says there are early signs that this winter tourist season will see an increase in air connectivity out of areas once considered unchartered territories.

The company points to the December 12 non-stop direct chartered flight out of Austria and Switzerland into Sangster International Airport, Montego Bay as a prelude to "bigger and better" things for the winter.

"It was the first time ever that Jamaica has had a direct flight out of Austria and Switzerland," explained Orville Brown, president and CEO of Mojoa Tours Destination Management Limited and VIP-World Travel.


He said the trip was organised as part of a test run where tour operators from Austria and Switzerland came to sample the Jamaican experience and take back to sell in their respective markets.

"They came in on a high-level travel chartered jet, and what I can tell you without any fear of contradiction is that they had a wonderful time, visiting the south coast, Ocho Rios and some of our beautiful attractions," he added.

The chartered flight was the first in a series of planned flights out of Europe for the winter, and the clearest sign yet that the Ministry of Tourism's venture into relatively new markets in both Eastern and Western Europe is starting to take shape.

In terms of connectivity, it also coincides with the deal that was signed between Turismo Tours and Delta Vacation two weeks ago to bring some 60,000 visitors to Jamaica over the course of the winter.

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