Use armoured vehicles to transport large cash - police


December 22, 2016
Contributed Sergeant Shawnjaye Mitchell

The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) is urging business operators to use armoured vehicles to transport large quantities of cash and other valuables.

Sergeant Shawnjaye Mitchell of the JCF's corporate communications unit, said business transactions are heightened during the festive season, and thieves will use this opportunity to rob persons.

"Do not use a bearer to carry large sums of money to the bank. That is a set-up for disaster," Mitchell said.

He pointed out that the armoured vehicles are completely bulletproof and can withstand extreme degrees of heat or gunfire, and the guards are also well trained to protect whatever contents they are transporting.

Mitchell cautioned the general public about handling cash.

He said that if persons choose to transport cash on their own, they must do as much as possible to reduce the risks.

"If you are going to carry money, avoid using public transportation, and ensure that you have someone to accompany you," Mitchell urged.

"If you are walking on the streets and you feel like you are being followed, chances are you are being followed. We encourage you to quickly get into a crowded area where there are other civilians and security personnel," he added.

Mitchell also encouraged persons to always let someone know where they are, or their intended whereabouts, and how long they expect to stay out.

"This is important information that can help the police to conduct a swift and effective search in the event someone is reported missing. We will know that you went to a particular place and be able to track your movements," he explained

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